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PACE Guardian is an easy-to-use technology that provides immediate employee support across a range of needs – all at the push of a button. Our platform connects your people, assets and sites with our dedicated emergency centres and experienced case managers.
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Our platform connects with many devices, alarms and networks, so we can link to existing sites and alarms. We currently have over 200 device types (smartphone apps, satellite devices, vehicle, maritime and aviation trackers and facility alarms) connected to our platform.

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Cultural & Risk Intelligence

Translating & Interpreting Services: 155 languages and dialect

Communication, Help & Guidance

Manage Local Risks

Case Management & Reporting

Australian Emergency Centre

Why PACE First?

Our people have experience in over 130 countries conducting assessments, delivering training, researching project feasibility, leading complex negotiations, developing business continuity plans, providing equipment & logistics, connecting with local experts, ensuring on-ground protection and supporting during crises.

Our clients include international businesses, insurers, media, resources, telecommunications, aid workers, sports administrators and leisure travellers. We manage their operational, travel and security risks in some of the most complex, remote and hostile environments in the world.

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