Security and Response

We help clients manage their safety, security and travel risks and respond to critical incidents globally. We ensure the best-people are protecting and responding through our Trusted Networks – Beyond Borders and use technology to avoid incidents, alert those at risk and activate response teams when time-is-critical.
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Quality Over Quantity

Our Core International Security & Response Services

Response Network Coordinators

Medical, intl. security, evacuation, special risks

Community Liaison & Welfare Coordinators
International Legal Advisors & Negotiators
Intelligence Analysts & Surveillance Operatives
Crisis Management Coordinators & Teams
Trauma Counsellors & Psychologists
Intl. Security Management Coordinators & Teams
Information and Communications Technology Security Specialists
Family Liaison & Welfare Coordinators
Government Liaison Coordinators
Close Personal Protection Experts

Executive, high net-worth & hostile regions

Why PACE First?

Our people have experience in over 130 countries conducting assessments, delivering training, researching project feasibility, leading complex negotiations, developing business continuity plans, providing equipment & logistics, connecting with local experts, ensuring on-ground protection and supporting during crises.

Our clients include international businesses, insurers, media, resources, telecommunications, aid workers, sports administrators and leisure travellers. We manage their operational, travel and security risks in some of the most complex, remote and hostile environments in the world.

PACE First Capability Statement
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